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    Notes created for ADAM Users

    CLEAPSS - Science Lab Health and Safety

    IBT spreadsheet

    This course is created for the PD Session for the 11 of June

    Grade 11 Extended Essay

    Research Tools
    internet detective tutorial

    English Audio Books

    Accounting - Grade 10

    Media for Accounting

    Media relating to the Afrikaans Curriculum

    Business Studies Grade 12

    Grade 11 Dramatic Arts

    Media for Dramatic Arts

    Media for EMS

    Media Files for Economics

    Media relating to the Gr 12 Curriculum

    Media relating to the Gr 10 Curriculum

    Media relating to the Gr 9 Curriculum

    french grade 9

    Media for French

    Geography Animations

    IEB Research projects

    Media for Grade 8 History

    Media for Grade 12 history

    This is a course to practice Mathematics Olympiad Past Papers

    Maths Software

    The quarterly newsletter celebrates the achievements of both pupils and staff. 

    Mathematical Videos

    This course has been set up for the Core Maths Portfolio Items

    This is a collection of maths resources to help matrics prepare for their examinations

    Answer Guide

    Write programme notes for two works which you will perform at your practical examination concert on 2nd June. 

    The programme notes should be well- written, and include information that is precise, well-researched, and that will contribute to an audience's understanding of the works performed. The notes should include a brief introduction to the composer, a section about the work’s historical context, the circumstances surrounding its composition, and with a description of the work itself. 

    Keep the information relevant and interesting, always write in your own words and keep the music as the main focus of your notes. Refer to concert material for examples of the usual length of programme notes, and acknowledge the sources of your researched material.

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